Writer’s Nook

Great resources to start with:

For drafting:

  • Donald Maass’ Writing the Breakout Novel: a great read for those who struggle with plot. Great to read while planning out your book or during revisions, especially if you’re stuck. This helped me a lot with pacing, and helped me cut the fat from my manuscript.


About genres and categories:

  • Writer’s Digest University’s article
  • Rachelle Gardner’s post
  • Janet Reid’s post


  • Jennifer Laughran’s post
  • Bookends Literary Agency’s post
  • Andrea Hurst & Associate’s post
  • Literary Rejections’ post
  • Daily Writing Tips’ post
  • Colleen Lindsay’s post

Writing your query:

  • Query Shark
  • Writer’s Digest’s Successful Queries Series
  • My blog post on common query issues (undefined stakes, vague wording/clichés, too may characters/teminology, info-dumping, no hook to start, unclear transitions, listing a series of events, unclear character motivations)
  • My Query Help posts

Compiling list of agents to query (also useful for personalizing queries):

For diverse books:

  • Writer’s Digest list of 30 Literary Agents Seeking Diverse Books
  • Lee Wind’s agent interviews were especially helpful
  • I searched “multicultural” and “diverse” on MSWL


The Call:

Multiple Offers:

  • My post here
  • Lydia Sharp’s posts on The Daily Dahlia, part I and II
  • MarcyKate Connolly’s guest post on Chasing the Crazies


Live-pitching Agents