Happy Year of the Tiger!

Happy Lunar New Year!


Some updates from me…I’m currently finishing up my fourth book, WHEN YOU WISH UPON A LANTERN, which will be out spring 2023. Below is the announcement from last year (and the release date has been updated since the announcement). This book is a love letter to all my favorite Chinese holidays, folktales, food, and traditions. I wanted to write a contemporary book that felt like magic, but with the magic created by kind acts for others. I loved the idea of a protagonist who secretly makes wishes come true for others, and this was the starting point from which this story blossomed. It’s a romance where the main character is trying to save her family’s Chinatown wishing lantern shop by teaming up with the boy from the mooncake bakery next door (and her secret crush) to make customers’ wishes come true behind the scenes. This has been such a joy to work on, and I can’t wait for it to come out! And I have seen a cover sketch, and it is jaw-droppingly stunning!


A few other updates: I’ve had some anthologies come out! I’m absolutely honored to be among some of my favorite authors in these.

FOOLS IN LOVE is a fresh take on romance tropes. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a perfect time to read this! My story is the oblivious-to-lovers trope and is loosely inspired by Michelle Wie West being the first and only female thus far to qualify for a USGA national men’s golf tournament. I used some of my own experiences as a competitive curler to write this story.


GAME ON just came out 2 weeks ago and is all about games, from puzzles to sports to a linguistics themed college mystery hunt, which is my story! It’s very loosely inspired by the MIT annual mystery hunt. The puzzles are written such that you can solve a lot of it as you read (or not, it’s explained in the narrative as well!), and there is of course also a romance brewing.

Here is the first puzzle in the book! Knowledge of Mandarin or access to Google required!


On Lunar New Year…In RENT A BOYFRIEND, Chloe’s life is about to be upended (one of my favorite scenes with one of my favorite lines, “Why did I buy so much beef?”). For my other characters after the end of their novels, I imagine Mei is worried because this is her zodiac year (which means bad luck), and Ali and Chase are stuffing themselves with dumplings, which is what I was lucky enough to do as well.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year! 新年快樂!

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