RENT A BOYFRIEND Cover and First Chapter

Hello dear readers!

It’s been a little while since I updated here, and I apologize. I’m more active on Twitter and Instagram these days. I also have an infrequent ​newsletter (2-3 times a year) that goes out with my updates. Feel free to find me in one of those places!

Since my last post, OUR WAYWARD FATE was launched into the world, and it’s been out for 4 months! Thank you to everyone who has read and supported the book!

And the RENT A BOYFRIEND cover and first chapter is now live on Hypable! I cannot WAIT to share this book with you all on September 1st! It features a 19-year-old college student who hires a fake boyfriend to bring home to introduce to her traditional Taiwanese parents. It features older protagonists (the love interest is 21-years-old), a dual point of view, and the book jumps from holiday to holiday.

I also love this cover so much! The colors pop off the shelf, the Asian couple on the front makes me smile, and the whole image reminds me of a movie poster.


Here’s the first line of Rent a Boyfriend:

Almost everyone is nervous introducing their boyfriend to their parents for the first time, but I was about to pee my sweat-soaked undies because, well, I hadn’t met him yet either.

Check out Hypable for more!

Lastly, THANK YOU all for being along for this ride! AMERICAN PANDA turned two (!!!!!) yesterday, and it is mind boggling how much has happened in the past few years. Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this journey! I appreciate you all so much!

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