OUR WAYWARD FATE Cover and First Chapter!

Hello dear readers!

I’m so thrilled that Bustle revealed the cover and first chapter of my upcoming novel, OUR WAYWARD FATE, releasing October 15th! (And for the eagle eye blog followers, this is a new title from when the book deal was announced. Our Wayward Fate was formerly known as Misaligned.)

Click the preview image below for the Bustle article and to find out why the first line of the book is “My mom believes in magic penises.”

And more importantly, why Bustle says, “And if the excerpt below is any indication, Our Wayward Fate will definitely tackle race issues and family legacy with compassion and nuance.


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My thoughts on the cover:

This book explores dark topics of racism, miscommunication, family secrets, and struggles with identity, but, similar to American Panda, it is full of humor, banter, romance, and hope. I think my cover artist, Sarah Creech, who also designed both hardcover and paperback covers of American Panda, brilliantly found a way to capture both the dark and the light in this stunning cover.

And for those wondering about the papers hanging from the trees, I’d love to hear your theories! The answer is an intricate part of the story and ties the contemporary narrative to the ninteenth-century retelling of The Butterfly Lovers interspersed throughout the book. The papers and the setting depicted here are what sparked the idea for this book!


Preorder campaign will be announced soon, which will be open to all including international!

Closer to release, I’ll also be sharing more about my inspiration for writing this book as well as what my process was like, both here and on Twitter.



A teen outcast is simultaneously swept up in a whirlwind romance and down a rabbit hole of dark family secrets when another Taiwanese family moves to her small, predominantly white midwestern town in this remarkable new novel from the critically acclaimed author of American Panda, which The Wall Street Journal called “weepingly funny.”

Seventeen-year-old Ali Chu knows that as the only Asian person at her school in middle-of-nowhere Indiana, she must be bland as white toast to survive. This means swapping her congee lunch for PB&Js, ignoring the clueless racism from her classmates and teachers, and keeping her mouth shut when people wrongly call her Allie instead of her actual name, Ah-lee, after the mountain in Taiwan.

Her autopilot existence is disrupted when she finds out that Chase Yu, the new kid in school, is also Taiwanese. Despite some initial resistance due to the they belong together whispers, Ali and Chase soon spark a chemistry rooted in competitive martial arts, joking in two languages, and, most importantly, pushing back against the discrimination they face.

But when Ali’s mom finds out about the relationship, she forces Ali to end it. As Ali covertly digs into the why behind her mother’s disapproval, she uncovers secrets about her family and Chase that force her to question everything she thought she knew about life, love, and her unknowable future.

Snippets of a love story from nineteenth-century China (a retelling of the Chinese folktale The Butterfly Lovers) are interspersed with Ali’s narrative and intertwined with her fate.


Novel Aesthetic:

Our Wayward Fate.png

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