Introducing ChiYA!

Writing is so much better when you have your community! I’m lucky to have met all these lovely writers, and we’ve banded together to start Chi YA, “where Chicago’s YA writers come together to discuss all things young at heart, adult in wisdom, and rich in literary style. We’re writers who take our craft seriously and believe in the power of stories to change the world. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good belly laugh, a swoony romance, or a spark of magic along the way.”

I’m always so inspired after our get-togethers, and we hope to bring some of that inspiration to you through our website,


We blog about the writing process, what inspires us, Chicago-based books, and Chicago writing events.

Please check our site out! We can also be found on Twitter.

To learn more about our contributors, our bios can be found here.

And during launch week, we answered questionnaires to help you get to know us better! Links to the Author Questionnaire Extraordinaires for:

Samira Ahmed

Anna Waggener

Lizzie Cooke

Kat Cho

Ronni Davis


I’ll be posting links to my ChiYA posts on my Around the Web tab for easy access!

We hope you’ll join us! ❤


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