A Reminder Why I Write

Sometimes, it’s difficult to maintain hope and motivation amid the waiting and rejections of the publication journey. While it’s a guaranteed part of almost every writer’s journey, it’s impossible not to be affected because we are so passionate about our story, and want to share our characters with the world. I received a reminder from the outside world today about one of the many reasons I write.

Arabelle Sicardi of Buzzfeed wrote an article today about the show Fresh Off the Boat and how it saved her relationship with her mother, and helped her see herself on-screen—something she hadn’t even realized she’d been missing.

My multicultural novel, like Fresh Off the Boat, shares the story of one Chinese-American family. It doesn’t show every Asian-American experience—it can’t—but it offers a struggle that many, even non-Taiwanese-Americans, can hopefully relate to. I hope that if it’s lucky enough to find readers, it can provide some comfort by showing them they aren’t alone. I dream that Mei’s story will somehow improve at least one reader’s relationship with their family. It has already changed my relationship with my own mother for the better, which makes it worth writing.

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